Supported by  BACK ON TRACK-UK (T. & W. Healthcare Products Ltd. t/a.)
BACK ON TRACK-UK (T. & W. Healthcare Products Ltd. t/a.) has been a leading supplier of the unique Back on Track® products, worldwide, since 2004. Back on Track® FAR Infrared aids and garments (for Horses, Humans & Dogs) are long established & manufactured using the revolutionary Welltex™ ceramic infused fabric, which is proven to give lasting relief to those humans & animals that suffer from Arthritic conditions or with pain from inflammation or injuries to muscles, ligaments and joints (plus, they are extremely effective in warming up muscles prior to physical exercise, improving circulation & expediting recovery). The products are not disposable, but durable & the unique material will retain its natural therapeutic properties, so can give greater benefit than that of the basic neoprene, fleece, electronic, chemical or magnet merchandise. They are being increasingly recommended by medical practitioners throughout the world, probably due to their huge popularity within the Equestrian and Canine sports fraternity.
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